Kelvin Road School

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Kelvin Road School

About Us

Kelvin Road School is a dynamic and culturally diverse school focused on providing the very best education for your child.

 The home-school partnership is the key to successfully helping every child reach their potential. We seek to be transparent about your child's progress and areas for development. We rely on your support, home encouragement, and communication to ensure we know and understand how to best support your tamariki. 

Schools are complex places and we must remind ourselves that every child goes home to a family that has its own cultural, spiritual, historical and unique dynamics.

Kelvin Road School is committed to effectively creating a culture of learning with our community and so that together we can best develop a future focused school which meets the needs of its tamariki.

Our children must be resilient in this ever-changing world, confident in their skills able to be effective communicators.

Our teachers are involved in deep level research and self-review to ensure that their teaching approaches  are flexible and effective to cater for the needs of our learning community.

Kelvin Road School is a unified community with children and learning at its heart. The staff works together as a team within a safe, professional environment where all ideas are respected.

Parents see a positive staff, showing honesty, integrity and enthusiasm in all they do. Communication is open and effective while maintaining positive relationships.

Reading, writing and numeracy are focused on as key areas if learning. All data that is collected is relevant, usable, and needed and it is used to form the next steps in students' learning. Staff member's experiences, knowledge and skills are utilised and shared to provide support and leadership opportunities are distributed to make use of staff strengths. To teach at Kelvin Road School is to share individual expertise to build internal capability and grow professionally in a safe learning environment where ideas and successes are celebrated. Money, time and resources are available to ensure that professional development meet the staff's needs. Achievement data is collected using a variety of techniques to give students an opportunity to show their skills. Children's strengths and ares for improvement are clearly understood by parents. Assessment results are shared with students and goals are set together, giving students ownership of their learning. There is continuous tracking of progress while a child attends Kelvin Road School. Regular discussion ensures that assessment is clear and consistent across the school.

At Kelvin Road School we place a strong emphasis on developing and strengthening the home and school partnership. There is a high level of involvement for the wider school community. We work toget her as a team in a while school approach where trust is evident and everyone participates. Once a decision has been collaboratively made it is fully supported and accepted by the whole staff. Kelvin Road School is acknowledged by its community as a place where learning is challenging, yet enjoyable and inclusive. Success is shared and celebrated. Students and staff are enthusiastic about learning and a sense of fun is evident.