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Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi

Davina Savage - Team Leader -

RoomYear LevelTeacherEmail
Room 3Year 0 - 4Davina
Room 4Year 7 - 8Neroli
Room 5Year 4-6Maria Hei

Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi consists of three classes with in KRS and provides instruction in te reo Maori.

Papakura has a large Maori community with kohanga reo (language nests).  Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi is our response to the need to continue the work began by these language nests, and to fulfill the Treaty of Waitangi goals.

Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi provides the opportunity to children whose parents have chosen to further their knowledge of te reo Maori in listening, speaking, reading, writing, shaping and viewing. It also provides parents with the opportunity to make decisions concerning the future educational path of their children, and to work in partnership with the school.

Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi provides the greatest opportunities to nurture the language by utilising all available resources, in the school and community.  It also enhance the cultural identity, esteem and educational achievements of pupils as defined in the Whanaketanga (Maori curriculum documents) within Te Whatitoka Rimu o te Whanau Kahurangi.

  1. To provide continuity for children who have had Maori Language learning through kohanga reo;

  2. To provide a vehicle by which te reo Maori and tikanga Maori has status (mana) in the school.


  1. Te reo Maori and tikanga Maori are given priority status;

  2. Te kawa o tainui is adhered to during powhiri and formal events within the whole school, by means of consulting with kaumatua and/or kuia within our local community;

  3. The parents and the school should ideally work together to further continue, maintain and vigorously promote a whanau support system;

  4. The principles of kohanga Reo and this school continue to form a basis of teaching methods and approaches used in the Unit;

  5. Consideration towards new enrollments will be based upon the following criteria:

    1. Children with the minimum of twelve months continuous te kohanga reo attendance who live within the traditional boundaries of Kelvin Road School.

    2. Children who attend te kohanga reo but live outside the traditional boundaries of Kelvin Road School.

    3. Children transferred from an equivalent Maori Immersion Unit.

    4. Younger siblings of previous students who have been through the Unit.

    5. At the discretion of the Principal, Senior Management, Team Leader and Board, with kaiako facilitating the level of te reo the child is comfortable with (this takes place outside of school hours).

  6. The classes will participate in school activities and are part of a specialised teaching team;

  7. The classes will operate generally from:

    1. New Entrant to Year 6 – rumaki reo (Total Immersion)

    2. Year 7 & 8 – Bilingual (invitation)

To work effectively as a team, teachers and kaiawhina collectively are to be kept fully informed as to events happening within the Unit and school through regular team meetings and whanau hui.

The educational opportunity for all pupils is enhanced, and made more meaningful. Learning the language and culture will provide a foundation and pathway for their future educational achievement.